20 X Deutsch DTM Connector Red Sealing Plugs – (20 Pack)


This listing is for 20 X Sealing Plugs for the

Deutsch DTM Series # 0413-204-2005

The Deutsch DTM Series offers one of the most secure and

Water-Tight connections on the market.

These Sealing Plugs offer a way to close off any unused connections from the environment.

The 0413-204-2005 from Deutsch is a red colour sealing plug/cavity blanking plug.

Any open cavities provide pathways for contaminates to enter the connectors.

The unused cavity must be filled with appropriate size sealing plug to ensure integrity of seal.

These Sealing plugs are made of thermoplastic for use with all the common contact systems.

Operating temperature range from -55°C to 125°C
Wire gauge range from 16AWG to 22AWG

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Weight 0.01 kg


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