How To Use Deutsch Connectors

Deutsch Connector Assembly

At first appearance deutsch connectors can be complicated because there is many components. However by following three simple steps you can ensure an easy assembly of your deutsch connectors.

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Step 1.

Crimp or solder each pin to the appropriate wire. Crimping is usually the best method because when it is done properly it provides the more secure connection.

Step 2

Insert each crimped pin into the rear of the connector until you feel a small click. Once you hear the click you can confirm a secure fit with a gentle tug of the wire.

Step 3

The final step is to insert the wedge lock, Match your lock to the correct plug and then firmly push the wedge to lock it in place.

Benefits of Deutsch Connectors

  • Water proof connections prevent damage from corrosion and protection from the elements.
  • Wedge locks retain each pin and prevent any movement ensuring a solid and stable connection
  • Up to 12 way connectors to suit any project.
  • Rugged design to protect connections in tough automotive environments.
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